04/01/12 — Worst. Office. Food. Ever.

I read this story and it reminded me that nothing comes close to the nastiest office food encounter I or anyone else will experience:

What Is the Worst Thing You Can Eat at Your Desk? – Businessweek.

A few years ago, I was in the office on a very windy 20 degree day, so no going outside for lunch. Everyone had pretty much decided to stay in their offices because it was just too heinous. It was so cold as soon as you took a breath outside you could feel the inside of your nose freeze.

On this very cold day, one guy brought in no less than twelve pounds of frozen venison that his wife had insisted come out of their freezer (hmm wonder why). He also had the bright idea of cooking the venison – in a office kitchen with no ventilation – using a deep fryer.

The stench from deep-fried venison was worse than any microwaved fish you can imagine. Hours later the stank was still in my hair. I had to take my super-thick wool winter coat to the dry cleaners since the stank was still in the fabric the next day.

The best part? The frying offender worked on another floor – he tried his shenanigans on his original floor but his vegetarian co-workers got pissed off and kicked him out!

The other best part? This was a government office.