03/01/08 — Work fridges are nasty

There was an odd smell coming out of the work fridge recently. A make-you-gag kind of smell. Once in a while someone will do the throw-everything-away method of cleaning up the fridge, which I believe is the right thing to do. But this time around the cure was worse than the disease.

Why? Because someone else rooted through the fridge and put little fortune-cookie sized notes on almost everyone’s food. She took the time to print out these tiny notes, cut them up, etc. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but the problem is that the same woman is notorious for NEVER WASHING HER HANDS when she uses the bathroom. She put her grubby nasty hands on everyone’s food, including mine, which I keep pretty hidden.
fortune cookie note
I almost threw up and threw my food away. I would have thrown it all out if I hadn’t already had the throat burn that usually indicates future illness (though this time I lucked out, thanks Airborne). I got my revenge by bringing in my succulent Whole Foods BBQ (our Whole Foods has a BBQ restaurant in it) leftovers the next day and making the kitchen smell like the wonderful smoked pork they will never have!

I’m trying to figure out how to hide a mini-fridge in my cube. We get in trouble for running small appliances, even though the enforcer brought in a deep fryer last year on a 20° day (too cold to escape) and proceeded to make 6 pounds of deep fried venison. The gamy stench hung around all day, got in my clothes – I had to take my winter coat to the dry cleaners it stunk so bad.

I swear I can’t make this crap up.