02/19/12 — Where’s the nearest grocery store?

There have been a lot of people starting new jobs in my office lately, and a common question they all have is where the nearest grocery store is. Sadly, this is in downtown DC, and there isn’t a major grocery store anywhere within walking distance. Once in a while I also get stopped by eager European tourists looking for the downtown Macy’s. Sadly, department stores here don’t carry on the European tradition of having full markets in their basements.

If any of the major chains would open up a shop, even a small one, in downtown DC it would be a gold mine guaranteed, as well as contribute to making DC a world-class kind of place. It would also save a lot of city folks time, money, and energy as they wouldn’t have to drive to Virginia any more to shop.

I’ve been telling everyone who asks that the nearby CVS has been picking up the grocery slack by offering stuff that other CVS stores don’t have, like greek yogurt, coconut water, and pre-made sandwiches. There has also been talk of behemoth NYC food amusement park Eataly opening up a DC outpost, which would be warmly welcomed for sure.

Still, as a former resident who drove to Arlington every weekend to grocery shop, I would still consider DC to be a food desert in need of strategically placed oases.