08/23/08 — What is it with yogurt?

One day I get crab guts spilled on my yogurt container, the next day someone tips the yogurt container over and spills my yogurt juice all over the shelf, leaving me to clean it up! Why can’t people just leave other people’s food be? Especially the ones who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom then go right to the kitchen. Gross!

Next week there is a “retreat” in the office in the form of a potluck picnic. You disrespect my food, now you want me to cook for you? No thanks – only people eating my food are me and my fiancee. Yes, I’m making this plum coffee cake today, and you’re getting none of it! So there! Next time get catering!

UPDATE: That plum coffee cake was damn tasty! I varied it by adding cardamom and ground cloves to the spices.