01/30/12 — They are stars to me!

Since I don’t have cable, I watch YouTube instead of Food Network. Here are two chefs I’ve been following, and they both should be huge stars:

Vegan Black Metal Chef. If you can handle the soundtrack, he’s got great tips. The latest episode is Indian food, lucky you:

This one is from the holidays, but I love how Tante Marie makes good cooking so simple, not unlike her now-classic “put the fucking turkey in the oven”. Here is the Christmas edition:




One Response to “They are stars to me!”

  1. Salads are really easy, and so are stir frys, start by getntig veggies that you like. chop them really well. Bite sized is important, unless you want to choke. Now for a good(meal) salad, mix together with small pieces of lunch meat or hot dogs(if you like them cold). Or, for a stir fry, mix with chopped pieces of chicken or fish( which you have boiled for a half hour befor), and fry untill the chicken is fully cooked. I also suggest learning t fry/bake meats then experiment with sauces on them good luck! =D