06/29/08 — The World’s Smallest Organic Garden

All we’ve got is a 10’x10′ deck and a tiny patch of grass that doesn’t see sun, so growing our own food is pretty limited for now. To get the most yield for our tiny space, I’ve found growing herbs to be the best bet. They’ve come in very handy when making salsas, egg salad, and pasta salads.

This year I decided to be fancy and separate the herbs that don’t need a lot of water (rosemary, lavender) and give them their own pots filled w/sandy soil. The lavender has grown flowers, the first time in the four years I’ve had the plant (most of the time in our kitchen window). In the big wine barrel I have herbs that need about the same amounts of water – cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, chives, and tarragon. I had a little room left so I put in a tomato plant and made a chicken wire cage for it for support and keep critters out. I’ve been fertilizing it every other week w/my old coffee grinds. So far so good.