12/20/08 — Showing some Mint love

I’ve been using Mint to track my expenses for almost a year and a half now. I’ve been appreciating the regular upgrades to their interface.

I’ve been using it mainly as a budgeting tool. The “Trends” feature is particularly helpful to compare your own budget on things like gas, food, etc. with Mint users in other parts of the country (I typically look @DC and Virginia, I’m nosy). I also like how you can now split transactions, because often when I go to the grocery store I get cash back and it used to count the cash back in the grocery total.

The only drawback for budgeting is that you can’t track cash purchases. I’ve been using a lot more cash lately as we’ve been regular visitors of the year-round Farmers’ Market in Falls Church. Overall though Mint has helped me be more in control of my budget, especially of the everyday things I’d buy without thinking (this phenomenon happened to me most often during work lunch breaks).