04/21/12 — San Francisco: making the city safe for three-story Chipotles?

San Francisco is an awesome place for many reasons. One of those reasons was an endearing rodent youth hostel in Chinatown, near Waverly Place, called Sam Wo. Part of its charm was its laissez-faire approach to customer service, which one could figure out by reading a menu with this bit of poetry at the end:

“No Booze, No B.S., No Jive, No Coffee, Milk, Soft Drinks, Fortune Cookies”

You could also figure out what they were all about by walking through the grease-covered kitchen to get to the third floor dining room, unless you were really drunk or really dumb.

Another part of its charm was that it stayed open until 3am and you could go late at night and order a bowl of rice for 50 cents without more than the usual scowl form the staff.

I found out yesterday that the health department finally shut this place down after 100 years in operation. Which of course meant that the free-range locally-sourced macrobiotic lovin locals were lining up around the block to eat there for the past couple of days.

I wonder if any of them had the guts to order their raw fish salad: the most expensive thing on the menu, and judging from the environment potentially the most dangerous. This place was the culinary equivalent of a haunted house ride, and therefore entertaining as hell.

The place may have a reprieve at a hearing at a Tuesday health department hearing, but I did enjoy looking through this photo slideshow from the local paper.