01/19/08 — Moosewood frozen meals

I had a Moosewood (same company as the Moosewood cookbooks and restaurant) mac & cheese sitting in my freezer from a buy-one-get-one free sale @Harris Teeter. I’ve been hesitant to eat it since mac & cheese is near and dear to me. For years I lived on Annie’s organic whole wheat mac & cheese, made w/olive oil & soymilk as a way to be sort of healthy (and this was way before organic and whole wheat became buzzwords). If I was really pushing it healthy-wise I’d put in some veggies in w/the mac & cheese @the end. Good stuff, and a step up from the 3/$1 not-Kraft version I lived on in college and the few years of brokedom post-college.

This week I was running out of lunch ideas so I grabbed the Moosewood mac & cheese on the way out the door. It turned out really nice, and it worked w/my usual tabasco sauce addition. If it had bread crumbs on top it would have been perfect bliss (or as perfect as perfect can get when you’re eating lunch @your desk). A tasty surprise.