01/26/08 — The wonders of leftover salad

I had a large bag of fake crabmeat (one of my favorites) and had to use it up. I ended up making a crab salad, with a little lemon juice, mayo and relish as usual, but I threw in raw broccoli (cut into tiny pieces) for the crunch and some wasabi for some heat. I found out later that when wasabi gets exposed to air it loses its potency, even if put in the fridge overnight. So I didn’t get the wasabi heat I was expecting, which was a bummer. It was tasty anyway, very sweet. But next time I’m going to an Asian grocery to get some wasabi powder – I’m a big fan of Super H Mart and it’s just a few miles from here.

I would definitely use a pita for a sandwich next time. I tried a tortilla and tortillas just aren’t that pliable when you microwave them. My wrap fell apart and made a big mess on my desk!