06/15/08 — Making Tasty European recipes

Since we can’t afford Europe I thought I would try to make some food from some UK food magazines I have. The metric measurements throw me off though – sorry, I don’t remember what I learned of metric measures in the 4th grade when we were told that the metric system would take over. I tried Apple’s converter widget, which works for oven temperatures but it doesn’t convert grams to cups. I did find a converter on GourmetSleuth that did the job.

I also have to look up names of ingredients quite a bit. Here’s a glossary, although they left out rocket (arugula), which shows up a lot.

I admit this is a lot of work for getting a recipe for carrot lentil soup, since I have a lot of both to use up, though I’m sure it will be worth it. From what I’ve seen, recipes in European magazines use a lot more Indian and African spices, both of which I love. This is another BBC-affilated food magazine site I like a lot.