02/03/08 — Make your own freaking breakfast – and just as fast

I get annoyed that things like lowfat yogurt and instant oatmeal are touted as “healthy”. Ok, they’re not Cap’n Crunch or steak & eggs, but those little yogurts and little packets of oatmeal have buttloads of sugar in them. In fact, some of those yogurts (and yogurt shakes) have almost 300 calories in a 6 ounce package. That’s crazy. You might as well have the steak & eggs – @least w/the steak & eggs there’s no sugar crash @10am.

I’ve been watching sugar, so what I’ve been doing for breakfast lately is buy either plain whole-milk yogurt or plain oatmeal, some honey (or agave nectar) and a variety of dried fruits for the week. I’ll choose either the yogurt or the oatmeal, add a little bit of sweetness (and cinnamon if it’s the oatmeal), then mix some dried fruit in. A bunch of different dried fruits will work, including raisins, cranberries, apricots, cherries, apples, coconut, and if you’re lucky you have access to dried kiwi as well. I like being able to control the flavor & sweetness.

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