04/12/08 — Links for my boring palate

A long time ago I was traveling in Brazil and, being a gringo and on my 1st trip to another country ever, I got sick. Luckily I was in Paraty, which @the time had one of the few Thai restaurants in the country. The guy who ran the restaurant told me that white food is best for an upset stomach and he came back w/my now-beloved Tom Kha Gai soup.

Now I realize that I have always had an unnatural attraction to white food. In other words, my palate is pretty bland. My favorite snack when I was a kid was plain saltines. I can eat plain rice as a snack and be happy. My favorite pasta sauce is anything cream-based. So, in honor of white food, here are a couple of links:

  • The Back Story | Greek Yogurt Revival from the NY Times (login required). This is one of my favorite office snacks – and I prefer it unsweetened, w/a little bit of granola for crunch. I like the super-thick texture which is like sour cream. This may not be for everyone but I like a big spoonful of plain sour cream once in a while.
  • Coconut macaroon pancakes from 101 Cookbooks. I just tried this recipe out today. I made it w/sweetened coconut, cut out the extra sugar and added a little more flour. This rocked w/Nutella instead of maple syrup. I’m sure these can be frozen and brought to work for breakfast, rolled up w/some Nutella in the middle.
  • Coconut smoothie from the Big Banana Juice Bar in Bristol, UK (makers of the Mac smoothie widget). It’s finally gotten warm in DC so I took a work break this week and paid a visit to the Silver Spring Whole Foods, the only location in the DC area that had a Jamba Juice. The Jamba is long gone, replaced by a coffee bar. I’m bummed. I’ll have to add a blender to my work pantry, and I won’t try to blend an iPhone in it.