05/18/08 — Like I’ve said, coupons suck

I read this article in Consumerist about a coupon queen’s quest to not let food inflation bother her. While this is certainly a noble quest, and I certainly hope that she does her coupon shopping during weekdays when shops are filled with people like me w/day jobs, I still think coupons suck. Here’s why:

  • Most coupons, MamboSpouts handouts being a rare exception, are for crap food loaded with added sugars and salt.
  • Most coupons nowadays make you buy 2, 3, or more of a product to save anything. If there’s only 2 people in your house, what’s the point in having 2 bottles of ketchup? Why spend 10$ to save 1$?
  • The internet versions of the major coupon sites make you give all kinds of personal information in order to download their coupons. You’re selling your identity for cheap. Plus no shops – in DC anyway – take internet coupons, probably because they’ve been ripped off in the past.
  • I did my best to use coupons during my last shopping trip, since Harris Teeter was tripling coupons up to 99 cents this weekend. I got a chunk of feta cheese for 2$ this way, but I don’t think we saved more than 10$ despite the savings hype. The prices @Costco for food were much cheaper, so it was a better deal for food that we could freeze.

If you really want to save money on food, lay off the processed foods and learn how to cook.