11/22/08 — I’ve lost track of what stage of grief I’m in…

…as I’ve been in mourning for my investment savings, and therefore a future of retirement meals of cat food and peanut butter, for quite a while now. Each time the market does another dizzying drop, the grieving process starts all over again.

My fiancee and I have become even more frugal (with what’s left going into a safe cash stash), but @the same time as far as food goes we’re not sacrificing quality but buying smaller amounts of the best stuff we can get. For example, no more corn syrup masquerading as maple syrup, we’ve been getting smaller bottles of the real thing @Trader Joe’s for about $8. Since it tastes better, we end up using less on our Sunday French Toasts. Speaking of breakfast items that taste better, free range eggs don’t taste like fish. The farmer’s market eggs are even better. Just because the economy’s in the toilet and will be for a while, it doesn’t mean we all have to eat crap! Since we don’t own a house and can’t afford to travel right now, making food is the one thing we’ve both been enjoying doing together.

We’ve been making our own salad dressings, pickles, and pasta sauces – I made a mean carbonara sauce the other night that made a decent lunch the next day.

This week I found a new blog after my own heart – EconoWhiner – named as a “tribute” to one of the architects of this current mess, Phil Gramm. I’ve been enjoying the cheap wine series of posts in particular. Enjoy!