05/25/08 — It’s pantry week!

Since I paid $4.90/gallon to fill up my diesel VW last night, I think this week will be the week where we won’t go grocery shopping and just make stuff with whatever we have in the pantry. This may be difficult because, among other things this holiday week, we’re going to someone’s house later and we have to bring something.

Today I’m making my mediterranean pasta salad, the recipe for which changes depending on what we have stocked. Today I will use sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese, a couple cans of tuna, red onion, some mint from the garden, and lemon zest. The tuna and tomatoes are from Costco, where we have been going more for basics. I was a little surprised that they had behemoth jars of sun-dried tomatoes, since my experience with most people @Costco is that folks go there to stock up on junk food and soda.


mediterranean "whatever" pasta salad

I love making this for lunch during the week. The best part is that you can eat it cold, and if you use whole-wheat pasta, it’s filling. No nasty office microwave necessary!

It was a hit…