01/27/09 — It’s not easy being a yogurt maker

Since I got a yogurt maker a few months ago, a large chunk of my weekends have been devoted to the making of yogurt. It’s not complicated, just time-consuming.

The yogurt starter that you use has to be room temperature, which takes a while. Then you have to boil the milk then let it cool to 110 degrees. This takes about 40 minutes. After that it takes about 3-4 hours in the above yogurt maker, which keeps the yogurt jars @the right temperature. Most of this time you’re not doing anything except keeping an eye on it, but it’s still been an increasing time-sucker.

I like the EuroCuisine maker as the jars are made of glass instead of plastic that’s full of BPAs. Also convenient is the replacement set, which comes with eight jars instead of the usual seven – they assume that you’re buying the replacements because you broke a jar, which was the case with me. Brilliant!