06/22/08 — Greek yogurt. Damn.

I would like to think that I’m frugal when it comes to food – I make my own granola, salad dressing, and spice mixes. But when it comes to Greek yogurt, I get really picky. I appreciate the nonsweetness and the thickness of the Greek-style yogurt over the watery stuff of conventional grocery store-brand plain yogurt. It’s always been pricey, but damn, Fage’s almost 5$ @Trader Joe’s for the 16 oz. container – not including the bottle of 3$ Chuck you’d need to drown your sorrows after paying that much for frikkin yogurt.

Mambo Sprouts has a 1$ off coupon for Oikos yogurt (made by Stonyfield) – I haven’t tried it yet.

Who knew that yogurt would be a symbol of conspicuous consumption? Yogurt! For people who can afford it! Just like organic food – there are healthy options in the store, but you have to be pretty wealthy to eat that way all the time. I realize the fancy yogurt is a want, not a need, so I decided to do a nutritional comparison:

  • @1.56 per serving (5oz.), w/Fage (0%) you get 13g protein (12¢ per gram), 10% of your daily calcium, and 6g of sugar; 
  • @72¢ per serving (8oz.), w/store-brand plain yogurt you also get 13g protein (5.5¢ per gram), 45% of your daily calcium, but the flip side is that you get 17g of sugar, or almost 3x as much. Don’t get me started on the flavored yogurts out there, which have over 30g of sugar. If you watch your sugar intake, this raises a flag.
So it depends on what you watch – your wallet or your sugar.