05/15/08 — Gimme back my Osteria!

The Osteria is my and my future husband’s favorite restaurant located in the fancy-pants Whole Foods by our house. All Italian goodness, and a dinner bill under 20$ for two most of the time.

But since the beginning of the year, in the space where the Osteria once stood proudly, Discovery Networks have taken over the space. They have been filming a new cooking show for their Planet Green network w/Emeril hosting. For five frikkin months. Does it really take that long to film a show? I don’t care if a cooking “celebrity” is roaming around my local grocery store, dammit I want my restaurant back!

Anything “green” in major media and now I get suspicious. Why? I was looking up info about an exhibit @National Geographic headquarters in DC and what do I see on the front page of nationalgeographic.com? A banner ad for Hummer! Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot. Like Bob Marley said, oba-oba-serving the hi-po-crites.