01/16/12 — Funny thing about those Keurig brewers


Have you noticed that the prices of K-cups have been going up astronomically over the past year or so? Have you gone to using your own beans and the funny little attachement yet?

It turns out that in September 2012 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the company that makes both the brewers AND the K-cups, will lose their patent on the K-cup technology. Furthermore, grocers I love like Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s have been waiting patiently for this patent to run out so that they can start selling K-cups of their own. Not much longer to wait for different options. Each time I’ve tried a new coffee brand, it always turns out that Green Mountain Coffee Roasters owns the brand. Strange.

There’s all kinds of hidden tidbits like the above in the presentation called “GAAP-puccino” on the long-term prospects of the Green Mountain Coffee Roaster stock. It’s a long read, but if you like stock market intrigue it’s interesting

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