03/12/08 — Evil office sweets

I’ve worked in offices where there’s been a jar of candy lying around. But the office where I’m working now has collectively brought office sweets to the extreme. There is a “12 Sweets of Christmas” where people bring some kind of sweet. What puts this tradition over the top is that the sweets are put out @the reception desk around 8am and by 10am they are gone. That means that for 12 working days in December, there are a lot of people who are eating cakes, cookies, and pies – for breakfast. No wonder people get stressed out @Christmastime with diets like that. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of my coworkers are @least borderline diabetic.

But it’s not just @Christmastime that the junk food comes out. There were piles of chocolate for Valentine’s day. Everyone’s birthday gets celebrated w/@least one cake. I love me some Shamrock shakes this time of year, but damn.

I’ve been avoiding the sweet tsunami two ways:

  • Water, and lots of it. When I smell some home-baked goodness 20 feet away I want to indulge. I have to stop myself and fill my belly with some water. It usually goes away.
  • Working out during the workday. We’re fortunate to have a gym @work. I’ve been using lunch breaks to work out. It’s very important that you do some kind of exercise that works your abdominals – hard. The last thing you want to do right after a hard-core pilates class, for example, is eat. The last thing you want to do just before a pilates class is eat. In either case you’re going to feel sick.

2 Responses to “Evil office sweets”

  1. Yeah-I always think about Elaine Benes on Seinfeld and the 3 O’Clock sugar fix.

    My office is the same way. I brought in a box of yummy Clementines (works great for Weight Watchers, 1 point for 2) and everyone wanted to snack on them.

    Seems half my office is seriously dieting. Some on South Beach, Weight Watchers (me), the Cookie Diet (real diet-biscuit full of vitamins).

    I’m down 13.2 pounds with a ways to go but damn if I don’t pass by the sugar anymore.

    I am sure diabetes is not far around the corner and will eventually kill me if heart disease doesn’t get me first…

    Since my father’s passing in January from infection related to a kidney transplant due to diabetes, I’ve seen things a lot differently.

    Plus I want to lose 40 pounds by 40 years old (November 7).

    Peace out,


    P.S. keep the Clementines handy!

  2. Hey Michael: I just got some clementines @Costco and now I’m ready to face the office sweets!

    Great job w/the diet.