04/09/08 — Eating well on the road

I was out of town running a race over the weekend and I forgot how traveling makes you eat a lot of junk. Maybe it was because I was running, but I couldn’t have enough pasta or Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches.

It’s even worse when you’re traveling for work w/your co-workers. And I thought it was just because traveling for work for me means either North or South Carolina and, by extension, divine BBQ. On one trip we got into town late and the only thing that was open and edible was the Kentucky Fried Chicken w/the buffet – complete w/really good cherry cobbler that I haven’t seen @the KFC buffets around here.

I have been applying a strategy of ordering two appetizers when out w/co-workers, or an appetizer and a salad, and that has been working. For fast food while driving or flying, there are some not-so-bad options:

  • The Fresco-style menu @Taco Bell (stay away from the bean/7-layer burritos – lots of lard)
  • A small chili w/a baked potato @Wendy’s
  • Lots of veggies and grilled chicken @the KFC buffet
  • The #2 combo @Chick-fil-a (the grilled sandwich on a whole wheat bun, which has the exact same # of calories as the fries that go w/it)
  • Breakfast @McDonalds isn’t bad as long as you stick to the yogurt parfait or the basic Egg McMuffin