07/23/08 — Dealing with Douchebags @Whole Foods

I’m not sure what the proper etiquette would be for this situation: my fiancee and I were @the fish counter @Whole Foods, enjoying a fine dinner as we always do there (there is a seafood restaurant in the store). We got there a little early and there were plenty of seats. We don’t dine out that much anymore, so this is a special treat.

By the time we were both finishing our meals, however, there were no fewer than seven Northern Virginia Douchebags (NVD’s) breathing down our necks waiting for us (and other diners) to leave, hovering like buzzards around roadkill. One old cow actually sat in the seat next to mine and started to push me. Obviously, I think this is pretty damn rude, and I gave her the Metro-style sharp shoulder with a stinkeye and she backed off. 

Afterwards, what I really wanted to say was “you look like you need a walk, not food, so why don’t you go take a long walk off a short pier?” OTOH, that would be dangerously stooping into NVD territory. Thoughts?