06/02/08 — Coffee Marketing Stupidity

Being environmentally conscious and all, when I go to coffee shops I always bring my own cup. Most of the time I make my own, but once in a while going to a coffee shop is necessary. They can charge me what they want, they don’t have to rinse it out or anything, just as long as I’m saving a tree.

The cup I use is a halloween-themed Starbucks travel mug I got on clearance. You can barely see the Starbucks logo and it glows in the dark, so @the time I decided it was worth my 5$. Yes I’m aware that the cup costs the same price as the eggnog latte I was getting. I know I advocate being frugal, but the holiday drinks are a weakness of mine from the pumpkin lattes in late August until the Christmas-themed drinks stop. I’m human and I get wicked caffeine headaches.

I was in downtown DC for training last week, and I got there early because I wanted to get to the Metro before parking spaces ran out. So when I got into downtown I had time for a leisurely breakfast, with coffee. There was a Corner Bakery around the corner from where the training was.

Well, when I asked for a coffee @Corner Bakery I was told I couldn’t use my glow-in-the-dark cup for their coffee, that instead I would have to buy one of their travel mugs. So it’s only acceptable to save the planet if the cups have their logo on it, and it didn’t help that the lady @the counter was pulling some major attitude. I’m not trying to steal coffee, so don’t talk to me like I’m some kind of thief. Screw that, I went somewhere else.

It’s a shame since Corner Bakery has tasty breakfasts. Well, they just permanently lost a customer because of their asinine coffee policy.