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Thank you Paul Newman

For, among many other things, probably doing more to promote quality food for the masses – through the Newman’s Own line of food and drinks – than anyone else in the US. While Wal-Mart and Target only recently jumped on the organic bandwagon, Newman’s Own has been doing it since the early 90’s.

It certainly helps […]

Dealing with Douchebags @Whole Foods

I’m not sure what the proper etiquette would be for this situation: my fiancee and I were @the fish counter @Whole Foods, enjoying a fine dinner as we always do there (there is a seafood restaurant in the store). We got there a little early and there were plenty of seats. We don’t dine out […]

Greek yogurt. Damn.

I would like to think that I’m frugal when it comes to food – I make my own granola, salad dressing, and spice mixes. But when it comes to Greek yogurt, I get really picky. I appreciate the nonsweetness and the thickness of the Greek-style yogurt over the watery stuff of conventional grocery store-brand plain […]

Coffee Marketing Stupidity

Being environmentally conscious and all, when I go to coffee shops I always bring my own cup. Most of the time I make my own, but once in a while going to a coffee shop is necessary. They can charge me what they want, they don’t have to rinse it out or anything, just as […]

How to tell you’re in a nice place…

We just got back from eating too much good food in Asheville, NC. I’ve noticed while traveling that a lot of places have many more independent bakeries than where we live now. I think this may be a criterion for finding a new place to live – does the place have a lot of bakeries […]