02/04/12 — Can all of the pink in the grocery store go away now?

I did a dumb thing this week. I’ve been taking Emergen-C since everyone around me is sick, and without thinking I bought a pink box of the stuff. Of course it was supposedly going toward breast cancer research (not to Komen, but another org), but that I did it despite my deep loathing of the pinkwashing in stores.

What’s pinkwashing? It’s all of the marketing related to the color pink and that misconception that if you buy, say, fried chicken in a pink bucket¬†or cash in a coupon, that you’re actually doing something productive towards breast cancer (and don’t need to do anything else!) when the reality is only a fraction of the pennies you’d spend get siphoned to actual medical research. But, thanks to marketing, you’d never know that.

While Komen’s actions are genuinely loathsome on so many levels and have been properly decried in other outlets, I think it will eventually be a good thing as it’s causing people to look twice at the happy talk related to the perpetuation of pink in every retail outlet, yes, car dealerships included. All the pink only reinforces stereotypes (of both women and people dealing with cancer) in the end.