09/20/08 — Buying local is a little easier

We’ve been going out of our way to go to the Farmer’s Market in Reston for quite a while. This market seems to be one of the very few around here to offer meat – they regularly have grass-fed buffalo, lamb, pork, and sometimes a woman who makes homemade lamb stews. They even have a cheese vendor or two. All good stuff. 

Farmer’s markets have been spreading all over the area where we live and it’s getting difficult to keep track. I finally found a site, LocalHarvest.org, that keep track of markets that you can search by zip code. Previously it’s been tough to get information because markets here are run by individual counties, all with their own messy websites.

The only thing about LocalHarvest.org is that I don’t see anything on my favorite food, bread. Great Harvest (which I just learned is a franchise) sells @the Fair Lakes market sometimes. Once in a (long) while I will splurge on a 5-pack of partially-baked artichoke bread from Norm’s Market in Pescadero, CA (tip: they only ship on Mondays). I don’t know what’s worse for the environment – having bread shipped cross-country or flying out to SFO, then renting a car to drive to the coast. The artichoke bread, and the taqueria @the gas station down the street, are both pretty addictive (here’s the Yelp listing for Norm’s).