About CubeGourmet

Hi. I wanted to start a site about healthy food you can make while you’re @work that don’t involve vending machines and expensive deli sandwiches. This can be tough, because if you are lucky enough to have a kitchen in your office @all, it’s probably dirty and equipped with just a microwave and a fridge. Posts here may be recipes, they may be techniques, they may be about me bitching about co-workers who don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom, then go right to the kitchen to make food (ewwwwwww), but if you have Food Network dreams and a Lean-Cuisine-on-sale budget, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m not a food expert or a trained chef, I’m just trying to stay in shape while sitting in front of a computer all day.

And this is a shot of the office fridge I had to deal with when I started this blog three years ago (!). There were a LOT of bags in there with mysterious ooze leaking out. There were scientists in this office so part of me makes me just not want to ask too many questions. Editorial comments on the image are my own:


This is the office fridge where I work now, which is dutifully cleaned out every Friday. Much more pleasant!