06/08/08 — 100 degrees outside? Stay in and cook

It’s been oppressively hot this weekend, gas is expensive, and so I have a case of cabin fever. So I’ve been making food for the week today without heating up the kitchen.

I got some sprouted wheat bagels for breakfast this week – fewer calories, more protein. To put on top, I mixed some salted cashews and raspberry jam in w/some cream cheese. This made me think of all the goodness that can be had @the Bagelry in Santa Cruz – I miss my Hum & Egg sandwich in the morning (1/2 hummus, 1/2 killer egg salad) as well as the not-quite-day-olds @6/$1. I googled tofu curry and found this recipe, which is essentially a vegan version of egg salad.

Next I wanted to emulate a Chipotle steak burrito bowl (we’ve got some steak marinating now for the grill). I found a couple of jalapenos, so I defrosted some corn, added red onion, cilantro from the garden, and juice from 1 lime, and I have a good imitation of Chipotle’s corn salsa.

Lastly, I made some granola on the stovetop – I’ve tried making granola in the oven but the temperature isn’t accurate and it’s gotten burned on me. I started from this recipe, but I made a few deviations to add some pumpkin goodness:

  • I replaced 1/2 of the brown sugar with pumpkin butter;
  • I added pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom) to the butter/sugar mixture;
  • Before I added the toasted oats to the butter/sugar mix, I threw in a handful of raw pumpkin seeds and let them toast for a couple of minutes;

And here’s how the granola turned out (yes, I love me some pumpkin):